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Do you believe your tinnitus will get better or cured?

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    1. Zaid

      Zaid Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unknown until now
      Well well well......

      Here I am in this forum....never thought or new about it until I got Mr. T introducing it to me :D wohoo !!!

      So I can thank him at least for that ! lol

      I am a very cheerful and social and a strong believer person.

      English is my second language cause I am an ARAB ! Don't be scared I love PEACE ! So excuse me for my English :)

      I am almost 27 this month...

      I got Tinnitus on the 21st of April 2015....the date that I hope I will forget forever sooner or later..

      My hearing ? Is MRI results were crystal clear from any issues in respect to my never system or brain....

      The reason ? Lol...there are 1000000 of possibilities....

      Sounds very cheerful huh ? Will I am struggling like all of you ! I am trying everything at an early stage so I won't regret later...thanks for your experiences and advise !

      But here is the things....

      I believe ! I have faith ! If That it is my destiny then let it be !!!!!

      I will cry I will have dark days and I might breakdown ! Maybe I am at an early stage that you might think, will lets see what his thoughts will be a year from now...hahaha...I might agree...

      I believe that how it came suddenly It will disappear suddenly.....but also try to take by the reasons and try to find the cause....

      it will be better...remember that...please try to do so, even though it's hard to maintain that....

      I don't have many questions because I have been reading most of the threads in this forum for the last week or thank you all.

      But my only big question is.....

      What are your true honest thoughts about Acoustic CR Neuromodulation and Troblat and AM101 ? Are they effective ? Is there any really cure under testing ? If yes, when it is expected to be released ?

      God bless you all :)

      Cheers from Dubai....

      Between, if somebody is living in Dubai, let me know ! Speaking to people with T face to face would be helpful.
    2. Beessie

      Beessie Member

      The Netherlands
      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Stress? + badluck? Clubbing? IDK!
      Hee Zaid, according to a well-kown neuropsychologist (Olav Wagenaar) Tinnitus can be heard in order of two main causes:

      1. Something with the ear (hearing et cetera, not your cause as I read)
      2. Causes by to much mental stress (symptom of burn-out, et cetera)

      These two groups can divided in all kind of sub categories but this are the main according to him.

      I dont know much of the threatments you ask for, other members are probally more experienced with it.

      I wish you all the best!

      P.S. Dubai is an awesome city, I love it --> :)
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    3. AUTHOR

      Zaid Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Unknown until now
      Thanks Beessie for the information,

      I believe that at least my t belongs to the 2nd main group "mental stress"

      As I have been living a very stressful life for the last five years from all aspects. Which lead me to take Anti depressent drugs "Valdoxan" and beta blocker "Nebelit" for palpitations for around 1.5 months...

      Due to the above I beleive I got my T from....despite that my drug usage period is not that long...

      So now I am in search to find the exact cause that might be due to otoxotic reactions...

      Yeah, lovely sunny Dubai ! One another good reason to hold on there :p...

      Anyways, thanks again for you reply !

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