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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TickerMarie, Oct 26, 2015.

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      So hey. I've had tinnitus for a few years now, but exactly when and why it started is kinda complicated (at least if feels that way to me)

      Just after turning 18 i had my tonsils and adenoids removed (they were huge and i'd never really been able to breathe through my nose because of my adenoids) Three months later i noticed hearing loss and tinnitus on my right side. I saw my ENT who said that my ear wasn't draining and he put a tube in. It sort of helped my hearing, i don't really remember if the T went away or not. Eventually my hearing got bad again, had to see a different ENT, said the tube was blocked and they could clean it out, but then noticed that my adenoids had run rampant and were now visible at the top of my throat. He reffered me to a different ENT because he's unable to do surgery. I've been with the new ENT almost two years now. He thinks the hearing loss is due to my adenoids blocking my eustachian tube. We're trying to avoid surgery, so i've done allergy desensitization and i'm using medication to more or less shrink my adenoids. I've had a few tubes put in over the years to help drainage, but if you have too many your ear drum stops healing the hole, so no more tubes for a while. The more recent ones did nothing in terms of T

      The meds have helped my nose, but not my hearing or T. In fact this month all three have gotten worse. I see my ENT in a few weeks to see how things are going but i'm so frustrated. My Tinnitus is a mid range hiss and a high ringing, and lately it's so loud i have a hard time concentrating. Silence feels deafening.

      It'l be nice to talk to people who understand.
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. Yes, members here understand the challenge of T. You are not alone here.
      Since your T has flared up to a new level, you may want to use masking to help soften its impact. TT has excellent masking sounds with an audio player here. Hope your increase is just a temporary spike and will settle down soon.

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