Finally, a three day break...Whoo hoo!

Discussion in 'Support' started by My T Sucks, Jun 3, 2014.

    1. My T Sucks

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      Today is the second time in almost two years that I've gone three days at basline. If it can happen twice, maybe...just maybe....:)
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    2. Jeff M.

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      Right on "My T Sucks" (y)(y)(y)!!! Great news! Let's hope and pray...........

      (BTW- my T sucks too!! :D)


    3. LadyDi

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      That's great news. I have had a few really quiet days lately (today is not one of them) and I truly cherish them. Like you said, if it's happened before....
    4. AUTHOR
      My T Sucks

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      I am so stoked about it. I was starting to believe that I was stuck in this fu--'d up 48hr. loop. It's obvious that the cycle can be broken.
    5. Leah

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      Chardon, Ohio USA
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      Great news, million dollar question, what causes the change?
    6. DebInAustralia
      No Mood

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      really nice to have some quieter days. make the most of it.
      mine is quieter today (touch wood) after a good sook yesterday.
    7. raymundo2245

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      noise induced
      I can go all almost all day without noticing mine unless it gets totally quiet, I have a loud pitch beep but sometimes iss like a tousand cicadas specially if its quiet, but I can go longer now without hearing it vs the beginning of my onset, I think its getting a bit better by the day, im habituating very well, I thoight I never would!
    8. cowdodge

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      Seattle, Washington
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      Well I did the opposite and screwed up by not watching my surrounding and not using caution. Saturday went to an auction and the speakers were out of site for volume. Thursday I went to a car show and forgot about the high powered engines running and today tried one of those free sites that allow you to match you tinnitus and blame I got hit my volume to high!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( I just got to get my head on straight and think all the time about the noises that our world we live in can produce. So now my T's are screaming but I will live with this and a lesson has been learned take caution when out and about or just sitting at your computer. Jon

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