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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by T ommy, May 8, 2018.

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      240B (Machine Gun)
      I've been coming here for the last year or so when things get real bad. It's always seemed to help a little knowing that there's so many other people out there suffering like me. That understand my pain, stress, anxiety. These are all words I used to think were made up. And it makes me feel weak to know them now. I was an airborne infantryman in the 82nd. I carried a 240B (machine gun) in the army for most of my 4 years in. Whenever it came time to unleashed that 7.62 fury, you can't always put ear pro in.

      So basically, it destroyed my ears. Things we're rough when I got out. Wife wanted me to get out but ended up leaving me the day I got out. I had planned on starting school but instead went into contruction for money and lack of motivation. 2 years later I can say it wasn't the right choice. It has been nothing but loud stress. I started using ear pro more and more. It has got to the point where they're in all day. Which I'm positive is what led to now having hyperacusis. I can't take normal conversation volume, the gym is too loud, can't use headphones (unless they're off for gym ear pro), dishes suck, going out to eat sucks, water bottles are my arch nemesis, everything is just rough. That's suffering.

      And I wouldn't admit for the longest time that I was suffering as much as some buddies I have that got really messed up. But it's all relative I guess. I don't even collect disability for it. And it's definitely a disability. I can't do shit.

      Now for the positive. I met the most amazing girl. She understands and does everything possible to help me. Talks quiet, never slams anything, we cook and clean quietly. She has massaged my neck and shoulders for hours almost daily! She always reminds people to talk quietly. She'll stop someone if they clap around me for no reason. She'll plug my left ear if there is a loud noise. She is too good to be true. My tinnitus would've consumed me by now if it wasn't for her.

      I've tried a lot of things. I haven't smoked a cig in years, I don't drink more than a beer at a time, I've cleaned up my diet. I used to use THC to help cope but I think it has made in worse. I'm still on the fence about trying straight CBD. But I'm at the point of "why not?" I've decided to get out of construction and go back to school with my earned GI bill. I think it will be a quieter setting. But most importantly, we all must find a way to avoid stress. It's a catch 22 though. Because T and H are nothing but stress. Sorry for the long read, I've just wanted to say this for awhile since coming here.
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      @T ommy I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and your service. I was A leo and saw some intense situations but nothing compared to a firefight. I have seen and heard (with ear pro) a 240 go through a whole belt and it a fierce roar to say the least. I just have a quick suggestion as far a jobs go...I have also been in remodeling for awhile and just started my own home inspection buisness and it is great money and you can make your own schedual for school it is extremely quiet. Just a thought....hang in there bud.

      Also I got my T from accoustic trauma from a gun shot as well. My storie makes me feel stupid though. I had good ear pro in sighting my pig hunting rifle in. They were both on a string and I shifted position and my rifle butt pull out one side halfway and I didn't even notice. It was really hot out and I was sweaty and the seal broke.....then BAM! .50 beowulf took out a notch of hearing.
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      Loud noise exposure
      Hi, and welcome to the forums!

      It sounds like your tinnitus is similar to mine regarding the sensitivity, mine has gotten a bit better over the years but i still have big issues with dishes, cheap plastic water bottles and the gym like you mentioned.

      I'm very happy that you found someone so supportive and helpful in your life, that must be a great comfort when living with T and H.

      I hope you the best going forward!
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      Still Under Investigation
      @T ommy
      First and foremost, thank you for your service. Truly. It's good that you've joined the forum. There are a lot of positive and supportive people here, and I know for myself that sometimes reading their posts can make a difference in getting through a bad day. Glad you've found someone who understands -- she sounds like a gem!
      Best to you,

      Mystery Reader
    5. Samir

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      Accoustic trauma
      Welcome! :puppykisses:

      Thanks for sharing your story. Whoa! That is one mean machine gun! :eek: I can only imagine how loud it gets when that thing starts to fire in a closed space. But like you said it's not always possible to put the ear plugs in when it's a life or death situation, and of course you have to pull those things out sometimes.

      Sorry to hear about your tinnitus. :( Rest assured that you are not alone with this affliction. Everyone's story is different, but many people have it. The thing about tinnitus is that you never know who has it and who doesn't. People don't easily talk about it. It's invisible that way.

      Getting out of construction business and going back to school sounds good. Not only to avoid noise, but because it sounds like this is not where your heart belongs. Stay off drugs and smoking, not just for tinnitus but for your general health and well being. I would prescribe to you a lot of love from your amazing new girl. Sounds to me like she is your best medicine. ;)

      Stay strong and good luck to you soldier! :)
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      Thanks for sharing your story. I have great respect to US veterans.
      Based on the web info, there are over one millions retired soldiers (veterans)
      have Tinnitus. A lot of them are on disability.

      My salute to you. You have made the right decision to go back to school
      which will help you find a quieter job.
    7. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      For H I think that LLLT light therapy helped me. Hasn't cured T but helped H and sound quality overall has also improved.
      I also got T shooting various firearms as a hobby and in the military, plus decades of going to loud clubbs and loud portable music pretty much since the walkman was invented.
      I also started a supplement called chondroitin which is a building block of the inner ear at birth and this helps too.
    8. JasonP
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      Thank you for your service and I am so sorry to hear about your tinnitus. Something needs to be done to prevent this malady as it is the number one disability upon veterans. I would encourage you to try to get some kind of disability payment for having tinnitus.
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