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      I am finally posting my history of how I got to this point. I feel like I need to join the conversation on my research on T as well as all of the other great information that is being posted on this site.

      I am 49 years old, female, married, with a nine-year old son. I have been in good health all of my life. I am fairly active, eat somewhat healthy, and try to stay aware of a healthy lifestyle. Based on my age mentioned above, I will not type the nasty "M" word that has impact on my T. Unfortunately, a hot flash drives up my T. When it goes away, my T goes down.

      I gave myself tinnitus in the beginning of December 2012. I was replacing a crawl space vent in my brick home, got a little impatient to remove the vent, pounded on a metal chisel with a metal hammer too hard, and my ears rang for the next two days.

      That same weekend, I caught a virus that my husband had. A few days after getting the virus and the ears starting to ring, I went to a walk-in clinic because I thought my ears were infected. The Dr. prescribed 875 mg amoxcillin for a dull ear drum and visible fluid on the other. Took the amoxicillin for 10 of the worst days of my life.

      Unfortunately, my ears are still ringing, although not nearly as bad to begin with, but still there. About two days into the antibiotics, I also started to take NAC (N-acetyl cysteine - varying doses). Not sure if that has been a benefit or not, but I am living with my T. I am currently taking 1,000 mg of chelated magnesium a day (200 mg first thing in morning, 100 mg every three hours after), and 600 mg of NAC each day (200 mg three times daily). I also drink about 1 oz of red wine each night after dinner.

      I am able to sleep at night through a few steps prior to bed. I take 1 mg melatonin 1.5 hours before bed to allow time to work, 1 - 2 tablespoons of Maalox (contains magnesium along with other ingredients), and a cold gel back on the back of my neck. Fortunately, I have been able to sleep fairly well most nights. I forgot to mention the best ingredient - snuggling and hugging my husband closer and tighter than ever! Lots of hugs to my son each day as well! I also pray a lot for a cure for me and all of you.

      So, that's my story. Sorry it was so long, but now you know it all. Now I will go onto posting my research and join the quest for a cure! Thanks to all of you for the information I have gathered from each of you. I hope to contribute in a good way!
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      Welcome to TinnitusTalk forums Sworthi :)

      I am glad to hear you are now doing better and you didn't let tinnitus control your life. It took me a while to understand that - positive attitude is what matters the most!
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      While ringing in the ears has been problematic off and on for years, my condition also became chronic following a bad flu/sinus episode that went on and on. Not positive, but after I couldn't get past it after months and months, I looked back and that sure appeared to be the turning point. Seems most of us go down a similar path after that...Lipiflavenoid, Ringnomore, vitamins, diet, docs and treatment. And mostly suffer alone. Who but those closest to us can really empathize at all? I knew from the start that workmates, friends, and acquaintences were off limits when it came to any discussion on tinnitus. Nobody likes a whiner, particularly on a condition that seems so minor if you've never had it. And your story? Not long at all...keep it up!

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