Firecracker Blew Up in My Face — Will My Ears Ring Forever?

Discussion in 'Support' started by bobhang, Sep 10, 2019.

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      homemade firecracker
      Yeah so I made a firecracker and it didn't work.

      I cut it open using a knife to extract the contents but the metal ignited the chemicals and blew up in my face.

      All I could remember is a extremely short bang, and a flash of light. My ears were ringing like crazy, and it cut my face too. That bloody bomb nearly knocked me out.

      I am just concerned about my ears, as they have been ringing a lot. Is it permanent, or will my ears heal?
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      Stress, Pressure
      Nobody is able to answer your question. It may go away soon or it may stay. But you have a good chance of recovery.

      It will most probably fade away completely or at least becomes negligible but to be honest with you there is also the chance of having the exact same noise permanently but that's very unlikely (I think it is just theoretically probable). But for ears it takes forever to recover.

      There is evidence that Magnesium and n-acetylcysteine may decreases the noise damage and provide some sort of protection. Talk with your GP before taking anything as they maybe harmful if you have another medical condition.

      Hope you peace and good luck.
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      Noise exposure (concert)
      See a healthcare professional today or tomorrow so he can prescribe what you need.

      I agree with the above, it could very well go away.

      Take care of you
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      Acoustic Trauma
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      Go to the doctor RIGHT NOW and ask for steroids for hearing loss.
      Also, go get curcumin supplements and eat like 4x the recommended dose.


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