First doctor appointment for tinnitus - a bit disappointed

Discussion in 'Support' started by rachelfaye, May 6, 2014.

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      Hi - my first doctor appointment for tinnitus left me a bit disappointed. I saw an ENT and audiologist.

      The audiologist had good news - my hearing loss is stable - about 70 percent.

      The ENT after an exam, gave me the "get used to it and listen to white noise" talk. I really did expect that is what she would say, BUT I was hoping for a bit more dialogue about it.

      Have people seen tinnitus specialists? Not sure it's worth it.

      The ENT did say, because it's only in one ear, that if the tinnitus is the same in 3 months that I should get an MRI.

      This went on a bit - sorry!
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      Thats all they ever say. You go in fill out paperwork, sit there waiting for a while
      Before the doc comes to see you, then he takes you in asks what the problem is.. You tell him you have T etc..etc.. He looks in your ear says everything looks good or that you may have a lil wax.. Then he sends you in to get a hearing test then they tell you your hearing is good or hasnt been damaged then they give you a paper of tinnitus.. ( well thats how mine went anyways) oh and the young girl that was roughly my age that did the hearing test was all happy and smiling and just said " youl get use to it" just sleep with a fan on. Then done. Didnt educate me about anything, i felt like i was more knowledgable then them. Ugh.
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      Pretty much how mine went. First I went to an urgent care and the doc couldn't see anything wrong. Then I went to an ENT and he said everything looked fine. Then the audiologist there tested my hearing which showed no hearing loss... so then I got the old, "You get used to it" line.

      Going to a tinnitus specialist would be beneficial if you want to know what your options are and hopefully, it'll be someone more sympathetic.

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