First Ear Infection (I Think) Since My Tinnitus Started

Discussion in 'Support' started by He|ix, Mar 8, 2016.

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      I was away on a hunting trip for 4 days and packed away my 32 NRR foam ear plugs as always (these are the highest rated I've come across). I've been on many hunting trips and days at the range and have always found that I can get by so long as I'm diligent in protecting my ears at all times.

      A couple of days ago I fired two shots and as usual, noticed no increase in my tinnitus.

      However about 12 hours later my left ear only (which is my good ear for having both lower tinnitus and better hearing) had an extreme spike in tinnitus, accompanied by a fullness feeling and perhaps some slightly muffled or dulled hearing.

      Naturally I was very worried, thinking perhaps it was from shooting - maybe my ear plugs weren't in properly in my left ear. Though I thought surely I would have noticed something earlier without a delay of about 12 hours.

      I also have some pain around the top of my jaw in the soft tissue directly below my ear.

      The 3 hour drive home through the mountains was a bit rough as I have Eustachian tube troubles at the best of times.

      24 hours after the spike started I was at the GP. She noted on inspection that my left ear was a bit redder than my right and suggested it might be an ear infection.

      In on amoxicillin for the next week or so and then back to the GP.

      Hopefully just some bad timing for an ear infection and this isn't noise induced. I would really love to see the back of this spike.

      If it's an ear infection roughly how long would I expect to notice a decrease in volume, if at all?

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