First Timer! My Tinnitus Is Probably Linked to Low Blood Pressure

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jo S, Feb 10, 2020.

    1. Jo S

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      Menopause/low blood pressure possibly
      Hi All,

      I don't normally do forums but I have started to have such bad tinnitus thought I would give it at try. Last night was the worst it has been.

      I started some time ago but last year it really developed. I think it is linked to my low blood pressure.

      I have always had this but when I started to have symptoms of menopause the doctor identified that the low blood pressure was very low and then I started to get very bad tinnitus. I control the blood pressure with diet and salt tablets trying to stay well hydrated, but the tinnitus is very loud anyway.

      If the oven alarm goes off or the radio or TV is on this helps. I'm usually okay at work, but can put the radio on if it starts.

      I have been thinking of getting a speaker pillow, but don't keep my phone by my bed and don't have an iplayer, etc. If I put the radio on at night this disturbed my husband, and we end up sleeping apart.

      Any ideas?

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      NIHL & TMJ
      Do you have pulsatile tinnitus? I.e. can you hear the sounds in time with your heartbeat?
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      I have an Oasis sound box...
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      working at airports
      Hi folks,

      A quick note regarding blood thinners, Eliquis to be exact. I had a bad result after taking it for several weeks.

      My tninitus became unbearable and had to stop and am now looking at natural blood thinners such as Turmeric.

      Anyone with the same problem or any new ideas?

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