First Visit to the ENT/Audiologist, Interesting Temporary Relief

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lee Davis, Feb 3, 2015.

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      I went to see a doc that engineerLA recommended a couple of weeks ago. He removed some wax out of my ears and I got a hearing test done. To my surprise, I had "perfect" hearing, at least up to the 8khz they test for. I don't know if just having a Beverly Hills doctor telling me I had perfect hearing and/or the wax removal, but for a solid 24 hours I had the most relief I have ever had from tinnitus. I felt like I could hear so much clearer. Even if I tried to focus on the tinnitus, I could barely hear it, and most things seemed to mask it very well that didn't before.

      A couple of days later, it was back to full volume and I was right where I started. Not sure what to make of it. Is tinnitus truly mostly psychological? How is it that this visit would much of an effect at all, very much the most relief I have ever had from tinnitus I can remember?

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