Flexing Body Causing Whoosh in Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Markb, Aug 25, 2017.

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      Hi, my name is Mark and I have had regular constant tinnitus in both ears for about 10 years I believe I got from prolonged headphone use, I'm new to this pulsatile tinnitus, I noticed it about a month ago when I got into bed, laying in bed is when I only ever notice it.

      At first I could only hear it with earphones, but recently just started faintly hearing it without them.

      The sound is hard to describe, sounds like creaking or like crunchy leather and a little bit like wind, the sound is in synch with my heartbeat and is in both ears although I only ever hear it coming from 1 at a time, if I'm using earphones and hear it in my left then unplug that ear I then immediately hear it in my right.

      When I wake up I no longer hear it, I think because my body is at rest and my heart isn't pumping as strong, the sound also stops when I hold my breath, and breathing in general seems to effect the noise, like if my body tells me to take a slightly deeper breath the noise will get louder, changing body position in bed causes to the whoosh to get a bit louder also.

      In the last couple of days I've noticed something else and it has my slightly worried, as the thread title suggests I noticed that when I flex my body, similarly to the way one may pass wind, I've noticed I get the whoosh sound in my ears, which depending on how long I flex my body the whoosh will be more long and drawn out.

      At first I thought this may be a good sign as I thought it may just be my eustachian tube causing the noise I've been getting, but googling I've read that flexing muscles can increase blood flow, so I'm concerned that my body simply flexing is causing blood to pool through my arteries and I can hear the whoosh.

      Has anyone on here noticed anything similar with their own pulsatile tinnitus?? I realise this a slightly long post, thanks for reading.
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      hey, I get the same thing. You ever find out what was causing yours? Is it still happening

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