Fluid Gone But Tinnitus Remains!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Colleen123, Apr 22, 2016.

    1. Colleen123

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      I had a slight ear ache and tinnitus one morning 2 weeks ago. I had a doctor look who told me i had fluid behind the drum. They told me to inhale steam which may help.

      Fast forward to today and ive just seen another doctor who says i have no fluid behind the drum. Could it have all gone without me noticing and why am i left with tinnitus still?

      Im really worried that i have it for life now. Does anyone have any experience with this thanks.
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    2. Miranda

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      This is how I think my T began. It has been 5 months and it is just now improving. I had fluid in my ears for 3 weeks in January and it took an additional 8 weeks for the fullness feeling to go away. Few months later I still have the T but it is vastly improving. I am hoping it goes away completely. I also found out in my desperation to find out why I have T is that I have a messed up neck and scoliosis. I have been seeing a physical therapist/chiropractor who is working on correcting my straight neck and tight, tight, tight muscles in my upper back - since then my T has improved dramatically!! I hope that with time (like tomorrow) your T goes away.
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    3. RingingMike

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      I think it takes awhile for T to go away after the fluid is gone.
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    4. Ying

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      Sinus infection.
      How's your t now

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