Focusing on My Tinnitus Again?!

Discussion in 'Support' started by Alexandor, Dec 6, 2013.

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      So for the past month or so my life has gotten back to normal. I have been enjoying music again. I have been able to go out to restaurants without worrying about the nice level. I even went to the movies (Wore my ear plugs of course). My T was so low that I never thought about it. The only time I could ever hear it was in my bathroom at night time and even then I had to focus intensely to find it. However, a few days ago I decided to go to the mall. While I was there the fire alarm went off. It was super loud and caught me off guard. After it rang once I popped in my ear plugs and exited the mall as quickly as possible. This event caused a lot of anxiety for me and I am now noticing my T again. It seems to be back to the same level it was before I stopped thinking about it last month (still very low). My question is do you think that one ring of the fire alarm was loud enough to damage my hearing/increase my T permanently. Or do you think it's more likely that my anxiety about the situation has caused me to focus more on my T, causing a perceived "spike". Just a little background on my T. I have had it since June, 2013. It started after a night out at a club and has gotten quieter over time. It has always been very low in volume and has never been noticeable with any background noise.
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      Probably anxiety. I know fire alarms can be pretty loud, but unless you were there for a long time right next to it, then I think you should be fine.
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      Thanks for the reassurance NeoM!!

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