For Five Years, I Have Dealt with On and Off Hearing Issues

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      My story begins in 2012 with a full clogged feeling in my left ear, roaring almost in a mechanical way, extreme noise sensitivity to everyday noises, outer ear somewhat numb and just feelings of having a virus that causes lethargy. I started down the road of ENTs and steroids. I was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss and bounced back. But the problem kept coming back. Each time I would be unable to socialize, work and hardly function with everyday tasks. The shower sounds like Niagara Falls. My electric toothbrush sounded like heavy machinery in my mouth. Just the simple act of setting a glass onto slate or granite would make me jumpy and cause discomfort. Of course, there are side effects to those steroids as well. I usually would regain most of my hearing and things would move along normally.

      Fast forward a few years and I have occasional bouts with the same problems. The old ENT never seemed happy to see me or even helpful. Here's more steroids or worse, a steroid bath injected into your eardrum at a ridiculous price. His office never followed up to see if things were better. I tried various things dealing with the sinuses but nothing has come with a positive result.

      So this year it's happened twice. I decided to try a different ENT. He has all my past hearing tests and history. I had a lot of ear infections as a kid and always felt that was important. Anyway, he diagnosed me with cochlear hydrops (basically fluid in the cochlear space in the ear). He has advised me to give up caffeine and alcohol and lower my sodium intake (some of my coping mechanisms.) I don't use a lot of salt and am pretty good with my diet but realize that when I eat any processed breads, crackers, etc, I'm probably getting more than I realize and I must make better choices when dining out. No more BBQ and soy sauce, etc, for me. I plan to take these directives seriously as I am sick of dealing with this problem. It is just so isolating to feel like you don't want to be around anyone or have any noise around you. It completely limits my work and social life. It makes family gatherings anxiety ridden and not enjoyable. Live music has always been an important part of my life and I never go anywhere without earplugs but I can't be within 100 yards of live music without discomfort.

      I will check back in in a few weeks and let everyone know how it's going. Most people don't even understand what you are going through. Well meaning people speak louder to you, which isn't helpful either. I feel like if I can get the roaring and sensitivity down, I may be able to tolerate a hearing aid in that ear. I just didn't want to have to constantly be adjusting the volume and don't feel like we could even get a true measurement on what's needed. Things always seem better in the morning and decline during the day. I can certainly sympathize with anyone dealing with these kind of ear issues. I understand you can even have a stent placed into your cochlear canal to help with the fluid drainage. I thought I would try these other measures first before such an invasive surgery that likely has its own drawbacks.

      Thanks to anyone reading.....
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. The quoted paragraph above indicates you were having hyperacusis. I had H too soon after my T started but mine faded within the year when it started. Hope yours will do the same. Take care. God bless.

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