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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Diogo Araujo, Aug 4, 2016.

    1. Diogo Araujo

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      Dive (spearfishing)
      Hi guys
      I was spearfishing last month and I hurt my ear in a dive. On that day I was quite dizzy and my right ear was real hurting. I went to the doutor who examined my ear and said it wasn't punctured. Gave me some meds and 3 das later my balance and pain was ok. It just left a ringing...
      I have loss of hearing and had ocasional mornings with that damn ringing, but now I have it for a month and the worst part is that I realized it is for life. Went to the doctor again and he says to be patient and to pretend it isn't there.
      Well time to stop ranting and feeling sorry for my self, and to ask you guys how do you cope with this and if there is angthong that helps

      Thanks in avance
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    2. Tim Hogan

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      June 2016
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      Cold/Flu (Minor) >>> Botched Acoustic Reflex Test (Severe)
      Unfortunately most cases of Tinnitus is for life, not much we can do apart from grin a bear it and wait until some guy in the next few decades makes a cure, and then pray it works on you.
    3. LukeYoung

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      A loud Concert - Noise Exposure
      I'm not sure the best advice is to pretend it isn't there, but to try and accept it and keep your mind busy.
      The longer you hope that it'll go away is the lonnger it will take for you mind to place it on the back burner.

      Some tinnitus goes away, some do not. It is hard to say. But if you accept it now and it does go away yay, if you just keep waiting and thinking about it, it'll only put you in a worse position.
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