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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jeffoy, Jan 24, 2014.

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      Hi All

      I'm Jeff, and my tinnitus is an interesting one. I first noticed it after my friend mentioned that he had it, annoyingly he mentioned this literally a day after I'd been to a concert, so I'm not sure if the concert itself caused it, or whether me listening out for this condition (which I did not know even existed until he mentioned it) made me realise that I actually had it myself.

      Anyway, I've noticably had it ever since, I habituated to it about 6 months later, and always wore earplugs to gigs, but never clubs. This, although I doubt any of you would recommend going into clubs bare-eared, actually worked for me. I had the inevitable flare up over Christmas during a DJ set though, it was my second ever set and I underestimated the strain it puts on your ears, even compared to going to a club as a spectator (but again, the spike might have nothing to do with any noise-induced damage at all, and maybe me acknowledging that I was mixing with headphones over the top of loud music led to anxiety which also leads to increased tinnitus).

      As you can tell, I'm an anxious individual at the best of times, so it makes tinnitus even more unwelcome, especially as it is far more minor than other people that post on here, but the anxiety amplifies it. I've been driving myself a bit mad with what possibly caused it, as I also have minor TMJ on my right side, the same side as where the majority of my tinnitus comes from, I've also looked at my diet and seen that it doesn't contain as much magnesium, which I've read might be a factor in it too.

      But anyway, I must be boring you all now, nice that there's a community for us with the T, glad to be a part of it.
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      God knows
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      Hey what's up Jeff? I am Jeff too, and a fellow tinnitus battler. Sorry to hear about your ordeal with T. It sucks! Glad you are aboard TT!! Don't worry about the past, just focus on making your future, your life from here on out better! And it can and will happen!

      You are already heading in the right direction by looking at aspects of your life that may need changing/adapting to positively affect your T and how you deal with it! Lifestyle and attitude changes can have profound impact on how your life with T is. Cruise around the TT forum and take notes off what people with similar circumstances to yours are doing to live better. Different things work for different people, but the point is, there is/are things that you can do to deal with your T and live a happy life!! (And BTW, you are not boring us!!)


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