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      Hi guys, I' m new to this for my tinnitus it has been 4 months since it started.

      It all started one night..I was out with my friends, not in any noisy place or anything. As I walked home I was hit by a terrible pain in my right ear..only as I got home I realised I had a loud soud in my ear too. I tried to get some sleep hoping that in the morning it' ll be all gone, but no way..and that was the begining of it..
      So that happened in January..and since I went to 3 different ENTs..with no results at all. In the last month I avoided taking any medicine as I'm fed up af all the treatments I followed. I can say my T is about the same all the time, except when I concentrate on it..then it hits the fan. In the first weeks I was as depressed as I could be..but I also tried to ignore it as much as possible, but at night it's the hardest..although I haven't had any problems getting to sleep recently(thank God).
      It has been pretty hard on me, I try to hide my suffering as much as I can from my friends and they don't really understand..One of my colegues even made fun of my condition, not knowing what I have to deal with every day. It's sad, but people can be cruel. Thank God I have a very reliable boyfriend, that tries to understand me, and a great family that supports me to find the cause and cure for this.
      I was very glad to find this site and forum, it gets pretty lonely at times..
      I should also mention I experience some lightheadedness at times, and I have a chronic problem with my tonsils..I don't know if this could have anything to do with it but I thought I should mention it, who knows maybe there's the cause and soluition I've been looking for.
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      I feel so sorry for you. Your Tinnitus has befallen you right out of blue sky. Yeah, some people are cruel. Avoid them for good. Just hang in there and keep your chin up. You're not alone. I've been suffering for 12 years and 3 months. Don't get scared. Mine was caused by loud noise of gunshots. Consulting ENT specialists and neurologists, try to pinpoint the exact cause for an appropriate treatment. In my experience, ear, sinus, nose, and throat problems caused by allergies, infection, and cold can both cause Tinnitus and worsen it in those who already have it. One piece of advice: PLEASE, don't lose your cool because that's the very thing that Tinnitus desires. By making you react anxiously to it, Tinnitus generates anxiety. Anxiety leads to depression if not treated. Depression and Tinnitus make a vicious cycle in which each fuels the engine of the other. So, do not let it get you down.
      May God S.O.S.... ... .. .
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