Fraudster Conned Pensioner with Tinnitus out of £3,000 by Persuading Him to Pay for a Miracle Cure

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by erik, Oct 11, 2013.

    1. erik

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      Most likely hearing loss
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    2. LadyDi

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      I work with seniors, and I will tell you there are scamsters who pull garbage like this on elders all the time. Miracle cures for Alzheimer's are another one. Should be a special place in hell for these crooks.

      Also, Erik you warned people about a product called Tinnitus Control in an earlier post:

      I looked at the ad and it appears to me (I also work professionally with consumer issues) that these people cross the line into making "medical claims." That is against Food and Drug Administration regs in the United States. The FDA has become more serious about cracking down on these products in recent years. They really went after these "male enhancement" pills you can get in gas stations, drug stores that really are supplement mixes.

      So if you see stuff like this out there and you don't want other tinnitus sufferers to be ripped off: report them. Go to or 888-463-6332. Of course, our government is shut down right now :( so I am not sure if you can do so right now. But in the future...
    3. click

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      Not sure
      They should have given him a jail sentence - not a suspended one!
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    4. Relic Hunter

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      They should super glue a set of headphones to his/her head and turn up the volume till they get tinnitus. A jail sentence is too good for scum such as this.

      I hate people who try and take advantage of anyone due to age, illness.
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