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Discussion in 'Support' started by Arlo, Mar 1, 2015.

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      The year 2000 seems long ago, yet it's still as close as yesterday. My tinnitus in the right ear began then and continues. Recently, the left ear has joined the mayhem with noises that mimic a motorboat at low idle. I'm again off to see a new ENT specialist. Please, someone, wish me luck - not just for my sake but for my loved one whom I try to shield from seeing me deal with this all these years, yet who still somehow senses what I try to keep to myself. If there's a non-life-threatening ailment more harsh, my best wishers to sufferers of such. I have come to desire little else than to be able to post on a forum as this my own story of relief. Some day, I hope. If anyone has found some way to silence this idling motorbike/motorboat in my head, please share. Thank you.
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      Good luck Arlo. You are not alone. I have had this sh*t going on in my head for so long. It is hard staying normal and dealing with it, day in and day out, but somehow we manage. The stress and anxiety it brings with it is so very tiring. Until someone has the condition themselves, it is near impossible for others to comprehend the suffering.
      Try and stay relaxed and we all have our fingers crossed for a cure or at least a suppressive drug in the near future.

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