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      My ENT appointment wasn't what I had expected. A month or so ago I started with T, I had called a local ENT group in a panic over it. I got in with a neuro ear Doc who basically told me "you have T. Explained they don't know why it is or what the problem is in my case unless they took out my ear and examined it. Not alot they do for it and that isn't my specialty but we have someone you can talk to if you are depressed. "Are you depressed"? I thought you know what, I'm starting too, just from this conversation. He told me to see an ENT as I have frequent sinus infections. I mistakenly thought I'd have some answers or some suggestions as to what I was dealing with when I saw the ENT. That didnt happen. When I meet with my ENT I explained my sinus issues and then immediately mentioned the T, with a hope he'd say yeah we can talk about that. That didn't happen. Yes I need my sinuses checked out so I can prevent more problems but seriously, all he could say when I said the T was driving me crazy was," yeah, no one likes it." He even said you can take Advil for sinus pain/pressure...ah, that's how I got here doc. I don't want to take something that could do more damage. " Oh yeah, well, it may get a little louder while your taking it but it should subside when you stop." NO WORDS! I have learned more from this site and have more support from perfect strangers than I do from an ENT Doc. Anyone with T should get a mandatory consultation with a tinnitus expert. I am floored at how little they think of this condition. So unless I'm depressed or suicidal I'm on my own to figure this out? I'm not suicidal nor am I depressed thank goodness. But seriously is this all the info you got for me and any future T sufferers? I had a discussion with a women's health nurse practitioner that I see about my frustration and she offered to help if I didn't get offered any treatment with my ENT for T. She has a patient who found some relief (quieted) with some meds, they even submitted some of their data to some ENT' s and they were not interested. How can you ignore it if even 1 person finds some relief? I realize not everything works for everybody but like everyone out there you'd try anything and if it works for you it may work for others. Anyway sorry for the rant, just really frustrated.
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      Amen Lulubug Amen.
      We put so much hope in these docs and then WHAM!! WHY are we more educated on the nuances of T than they are, cause there is no cure? I have an apt coming up with a new ENT who is "supposed" to be a T expert. I will share what he says, anyone here want me to include a question for them? The older I get the bolder I get.
      I had an acupuncturist tell me that at least the varied tones gave me some variety.. Did not go back.
      Stay strong.
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      Gaaah! EXACTLY! Preach on sister!
      I wouldn't wish T on my worst enemy but just so they can understand i wish those doctors would! I gave up all hope on them, People on these forums has helped me more than i ever did. Not once did those Doc helped me feel calm. I did that to myself, Its me decided to just stop letting the T bother me not them. Wasted a lot of money too, we all know how it is. We'd do everything just to have it silenced! But nothing, So i decided to step up and help myself. And that's the only thing that worked so far, and for some reason with having T just 1 month and 1 week ago i feel normal again. Yeah i hear it but what can i do? stressing over it isn't gonna help me, it'll just make it worse.
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      acoustic trauma
      doctors are lazy ... just as most people in this world ... why spend more energy when you can do it with less ...
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      Doctors are indeed lazy, and weird in their thought processes. Probably more telling, they are not subject to competition like the rest of the world to make a living so can do quite well by providing no benefit while raking in cash. The worse they are as a group the more money they can make while doing the least amount of work. When they are all bad, we, the people who are in need of medical help, go from one to another thinking that the next one can't possibly be as bad as the last and end up paying them all for nothing. Since people don't tell them to their faces that they are making money off of our suffering they all think they are great people, since we rarely refuse to pay, doctors all think they are doing a great job. Its hard to complain to a doctor about their performance because we don't want to offend those who might hold the secret to making us well. Doctor's think that their often useless advice, and sometimes flat out wrong advice is golden because obviously people are paying for it. They extrapolate that into evidence that patients must be really dumb in comparison to them which only makes the situation worse.

      It truly never occurs to doctors that they should only get paid if they provide some benefit. They just think that is the way it is - patients show up and they get money. Just like my kids - they haven't a clue that someone had to work to put the food on the table. It never occurs to my kids that the food in the pantry doesn't just drop out of the sky everyday because it is always there for them. As I've said before, doctors are like children. Somehow we have to begin treating them like adults so they get out of their fantasy world.
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      I have found more help in the last 5 years with a women's health nurse practitioner for my health than any doctor. I found her after going to my doctor and not getting anywhere. In fact my Doctors practice decided that they would no longer help their patients for gynecological problems or those on hormone replacement. They didnt want that responsibility and they don't know enough about hormone replacement. The reason they didn't offer that help anymore...their women's health nurse practitioner left the practice after she felt she wasn't appreciated or respected there.(She wasn't a "doctor" and she treated the whole person, took time with you and offered both conventional medications among other things). We are now told to go to a gynecologist or woman's health facility For those needs, but if we get a sinus infection or a cut give them a call. So now they are making their jobs easier and visits even shorter.

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