GAD and Tinnitus.

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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      No root cause found, most likely stress...

      In november last year I got a new car (Ford Fiesta), was very happy with. But within a few days I tought, wow this car makes a lot of sound. After a week, my ears became painfull while driving the car... Also others sounds started to became louder..

      I made a appoitment with doctor Google, and diagnosed myself with hyperacusis.. As I had very low Tinnitus in my left ear for years (only when it was really quited, I was able to hear it even normal bedroom sounds was enough to mask it.).

      Hypochondric as I am, I decided to not paying to much attention at this hyperacusis thing.... Till I was watching tv and my left ear started to turn up the Tinnitus volume... I scared a bit, but went to bed. And the next morning all was fine again.. However when I drove to my work, I noticed my right ear made a high pitched sound.. After this I stepped into the anxiety rollercoaster. Not able to sleep, thinking about killing myself etc..

      I called my GP, not for a ENT but for an Psych. During the intake it became clear that Tinnitus wasn't the real issue.. But my reaction to it; and my reaction to other things as well. So the therapy is focising on dealing with feelings/distrubing thougts.

      This is working, and altough I'am having it already for 3 months I still believe it might become to a lower volume or even gone.. It was already becomming lower, till let's say wednesday. I had a meeting with a psychiatrist to see wether meds might be helping; this caused some stress. I decided to go the SSRI way, and that went badly so far.. Full blown panic attacks; about to kill myself etc.. Together with the psychiatrist decided to stop the SSRI.

      I noticed just that the Tinnitus was again louder, maybe because of the SSRI but guess stress caused by the last few days is causing the spike.

      I'am convinced that stress is the reason that Tinnitus started; as my hearing is tested twice and it seems that my hearing is perfect. And if stress is not the reason for onset, than I know that stress won't help so my main focus is now to get rid of the stress..

      A other reason that points to stress, is that after a shower the hight pitch beep in my right ear becomes just a soft ssssssssshh-ish sound. The same happens when I wake up in the morning.

      And that is a issue, as I build up some much stress and anxiety the last three months; I got panic attacks, can't get into sleep, or just wake up very early.

      So as the SSRI thing seems to be such a good idea (or they can convince me to take a other one..)
      I try to cope on the following ways:

      - CBT
      - A Christian version of Mindfullness
      - Sport
      - (Trying) to stop googling on T & H
      - Pick up life again
      - Take some sleeping thea + Melatoline (2mg)
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