Garlic Pill Helped Me and I Wanted to Share My Thoughts

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      Not sure, but think diet was a factor
      First off, let me say that my job for the past 20 years has been to troubleshoot issues for other people. So when my left ear started ringing loudly enough to get my attention, I did what now comes natural, I tried to figure out where it came from. My diet and exercise is so controlled and on such a steady routine, that if I do anything out of the norm, I can immediately pinpoint the cause ("That's right, we went to that new restaurant yesterday, must be why my stomach is killing me.") On top of that, music and sound has been a huge part of my life since 1984. So if something happens to my ears (loud concert last night?) I am immediately aware of it.

      Now my left ear started ringing enough where I could not mix music correctly. So I went to the doctor and he said that "there are many causes" but could never tell me anything definitively. I suggested that I had recently ingested a fair amount of black tea along with a lot of chocolate (more than normal) but he immediately wrote that off - couldn't be that.

      So I looked around the internet but it seems that most everyone doesn't really have any idea as to why it happens and how to deal with it. Well, - crap.

      So I waited it out and eventually my ears returned to normal. Then it happened again and several times since recently. And my initial hint that it was due to diet seems to me bothering me.

      Question, why would ears ring? I didn't get hit in the head - not that. I haven't been exposed to loud sounds - not that. So nothing external seems to be causing it. Well, blood flows in, around and through the ears, brain etc so perhaps something in my blood was "off" and that was causing the ringing.

      Ok, that sounds like a good thread to follow.

      Back to diet then. If I ingest 3-4 large cups of black tea PLUS eat brownies, chocolate chip cookies or chocolate candy together, it seems to then happen soon there after. So what did I just do? I put a bunch of caffeine and cocoa in my blood stream (and probably a fair amount of sugar to boot!) so could that be causing it? If so, what would "clean the blood?"

      More research.

      Ahhh...Garlic has the quality of getting into your blood and helping to "clean" it. Sounds good.
      I have been taking 1 - 2000mg Nature's Bounty garlic pill every morning at breakfast for the past 6 months. After 1 month, I tried an experiment of ingesting a significant amount of black tea and gobbling up various chocolaty treats and have not had any hint of ringing at all. (I exercise 4x per week since I was born, so no worries about all that chocolate, but I appreciate your concern :)

      I am not saying that this will help everyone - or even anyone - but I just wanted to pass along this information because more information is better than less. Plus the garlic is good for you!

      Have a great life, people!

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