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      Hello all.

      1st I want to say how sorry I am that anyone has this terrible affliction. I have had it long enough that although I still have good & bad days I have pretty much learned to live with it. It took a long, long, long time to come to the realization that I am better off not stressing about it because that only makes it worse.

      As most of you know it is a very personally unique problem & therefore is difficult to treat as what may work for one does not necessarily work for another. The causes also seem to be as unique. I am very happy for those that have found help with some sort of treatment but for most of us it is a needle in the haystack story.

      I have noticed that in the last 5 years research for Tinnitus has picked up steam although there is still not much being done in Canada but we all have to have hope that we will someday find help.

      You can find out a little about me in my Profile. I have been off work on sick leave for the last 3 years with depression & then anxiety for the last year. Some from my struggle with Tinnitus but also from life piling up on my shoulders. Recently I have lost my job when it was declared redundant by my employer. I still have a couple of cards to play through my union but I am looking for a job or part time job hopefully closer to home so I don't have to drive 40 kms through snow storms at 6:30 AM. That would certainly help my mood. :)

      A user of a facebook Tinnitus group suggested this site yesterday & I am looking forward to having a look around here. It looks like it could be very informative, supportive & helpful. I am always searching for recent news for the treatment of Tinnitus & this could be one stop shopping. ;)

      I'm looking forward to meeting & talking to you all.

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