Getting Hearing Aids for the First Time — Which Model to Buy? Where to Go? Any Other Tips?

Discussion in 'Support' started by BeMarie, Jun 17, 2021.

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      I will be going for a new round of hearing tests and plan to request hearing aids for the first time. My last test about a year ago showed fairly severe hearing loss in the high frequencies in both ears. I also have had tinnitus for over 10 years, which is somewhere in the 3500 Hz range.

      I would appreciate any advice on where to go (hospital clinic, hearing aid store, etc.), type of hearing aid to get, or any other advice you might have for a new hearing aid user. I'm in the USA, and I'm 60 years old, if these things matter.

      Attached is from my last hearing test, plus the hearing aids my insurance covers. Not sure if these are the only ones.

      Thank you!

      hearing loss.png

      hearing aids_LI.jpg
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      I just posted something regarding the hearing aids and my friend's experience. Good luck.

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