Girlfriend with Tinnitus Squirted Hair Dye in Her Ear — What Ear Cleaning Procedures Are Safe?

Discussion in 'Support' started by coffee_girl, Jun 9, 2019.

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      I was helping one of my girlfriends dye her hair today at home and she accidentally squirted some of the dye liquid directly into her ear. She started freaking out and ran into the shower and sprayed the water into her ear.

      Since she is not a member of this forum I just wanted to ask for advice in case she has to go to the doctor. She says her ears stung quite a bit after the incident... but after the shower where she sprayed a lot of water in her ear... she just feels ear fullness now but no more stinging.

      Her tinnitus did not increase after the incident, but if she has to go to the emergency room... what ear cleaning procedures are safe and what isn't?

      Thanks for any help!
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      I would put a few drops of olive or coconut oil in the ear. Then after when it starts to run out clean the first part of the ear canal with a wee bit of paper towel or a q-tip.

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