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      I have had Tinnitis for 4 months now , my doctor thought it might be blood pressure as mine was up first time ever, so she put me on tablets 4mg , still the same now on 8mg , i also have Hasimotes had it for 6 years now .
      I take 100mg levothryoxin one day and 75mg the next and so on. I was also born with an extral cerebel rib .
      I can't believe how loud this Tinnitis is i wish i could wake up one day and it will be gone.
      I went to see an ear specialist and she has given me an ant-inflammatory for one week if it doesn't work then live with it . Only been taking it for 3 days ,no change yet and i don't really expect it to either .
      I have to go back to the doctor for a check up on my blood pressure and she will also ask me about the Tinnitis , 3rd August , i wonder if there are any other checks they can do , as some sites say it comes on to warn you of something else that needs looking at in your body .
      I am looking forward to hearing was everyone does to mask their Tinnitis .


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      Sorry you have T. I find distraction during the day helps. I used to love a quiet bedroom to sleep but that's gone. My T is a static type noise. So I use a sound machine on rain mode and have the fan on. I was reading to pick a sound that's different than your ear sound so your brain doesn't zero in on just the ear noise. I was given Xanax but only take it on a rare occasion. Just nice to have that safety net.

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