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      Hi! It's been about 30 years now since I've been living with tinnitus. My first awareness was after arriving home from a steelband festival . My ears felt like a kind of numbness had set in, accompanied by what sounded like crickets chirping at a constant high pitch. That sound never left though it is sometimes louder than other times. I've lived with it for so long now that I think I've built up a tolerance for it. However, it seems that there are triggers that make it more annoying. For example when I feel stressed, it seems louder. Also my left hear seems louder, so much so that I'm not even sure that my right ear is affected, if that is even possible. When I do hear anything in the right hear, it's more like buzzing rather than chirping. When I read about how hard it is for some people though, I feel like I shouldn't even complain, but it sure would be nice to enjoy the sound of silence once more!
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      30 years+
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      Acoustic trauma
      I agree! That said, welcome to the forum!..:welcomesignanimation:

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