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    1. Cory

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      Hello everyone, i have had T for a year and a half now. Sudden onset, no particular reason. I have no hearing loss. Some days are wonderfully quiet others well you know! Stress does really play a part in my T. On those quiet days I have to really listen for it. On the stressful days i have to work at ignoring it. My T just appeared one day, and I experienced really low days. I have been through worse so I told myself this is small in comparison and I use alot of visualization to lessen my T. I have never had a problem with falling to sleep even when it's loud. I visualize putting the sound behind closed doors where the sound can not be heard. Next thing I know it's morning and my alarm is ringing. I have tried so many different things and of course I will not give up. I have used supplements, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. The cranial therapy did help, and I had an incredible moment in the chiropractors office one day when you was manipulating the muscles and bone around and below my ears.......SUDDENLY my T stopped. It was quiet, and even said to him, please don't let go of whatever you are squeezing and please don't say a word. He let me lay there in total quiet for about 10 minutes. As soon as he let go the T returned not loud but I heard it again. I will continue with this course of treatment, something happened, something positive that I hold on to.

      Thank you, Cory-Lee
      Ontario Canada
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    2. Welcom Cory, good for you . Glad you found something that works for you. Never surrender. :)
    3. Allevous

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      Could it be a long lasting spasm or ? Some muscle/bone issue? Wouldn't your experience indicate that your tinnitus might disappear for good? Be hopeful! and welcome.
    4. Eric Winch

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      Toronto, Ontario
      when i started to dig into the reason i got it ( loud noise) i found out one of the meds i was taking on a daily basis has ringing in the ears as aside afect, i just pass that on due to your saying you dont know how it started. look into your meds if you take any .
    5. Markku

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      Do you mind me asking out of curiosity what was the med you were taking? I know some antibiotics and lots of antidepressants can cause tinnitus or make it worse. :(
    6. Eric Winch

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      Toronto, Ontario
      yeas i was on 25 or 30 mg of paxil i changed to pristiq 50 mg but there are others as you noted i try to avoid them if i can.
    7. jack

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      hi cori you said on stressful days you have to work at ignoring it .do you think the tinnitus is causing the stress . my stress is very bad every other day then it seems like the t is louder. jack of usa
    8. gary

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      Who Knows
      Jack, for me stress can amplify the T not cause it. Loud noises I have found, can also make it worse for me...

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