Go Spurs!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Petloy, Jun 16, 2014.

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      I love both teams, I actually have 2 teams the Heat and the Spurs, but this year I wanted the Spurs to win, and get that 5th trophy for Tim Duncan!!!!
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      Hey, I am a Miami-area resident and I gotta say: hats off to the Spurs. They outplayed us at every turn and showed what real teamwork is all about. Their joy just seemed so... sincere. It was fun to watch them win, even if they aren't "my" team. Breath of fresh air after that Sterling mess.
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    3. rainman

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      Was great playoffs. The first rounds were one of the best ever, iirc most overtimes in playoffs history. As European i'm passionately Tony Parker and Boris Diaw fan. Prior to 2013/2014 season i.e. last summer, this duo lead to the victory of European Chamiponships in their French National team roster. Now this, simply amazing times for these guys and I'm happy too. This win, for the Spurs fans, will heal a lot of painful memories from the last year finals. That's why I'm glad it was against the Heat. Also so much history of NBA was made, it's ridiculous! e.g. Tim Duncan all time playoff minutes played/comes Nba champion inside of three different decades, Spurs- most halftime points scored in finals, Spurs 3 Big most playoff wins, my favourite- in finals no home game fans in the finals has never boo'd the home team(Heat bandwagoners) Jebus! Now back to the real football in Brazil!

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