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      January 2015
      I developed T following a sinus infection in January and assumed it would just go away, eventually, but it is still here with the constant high pitched tone. I went to the doctor and audiologist who found mild high frequency hearing loss, but it enough for a hearing aid. And basically got told live with and get your hearing checked again in 2 years. I really miss quiet. When I am in a meeting or outdoors it is not so bad, when I am at home, trying to write, read or sleep, it is really frustrating, though masking with blue noise or rain sounds works. The hearing loss and it might be forever have me a bit freaked out though and I spend far too much time looking for information and new ideas, which is impairing my ability to get other things done. That is all for now. It has been helpful lurking on here.
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      Hi there Cindy,

      My name is Stacey and welcome to TT, you'll find so many supportive people here, all so kind and willing to help you. Even if it's just someone to talk too.

      First off, I'm a guess some what of a "freshie" to T (8 months) and up until recently I was doing quite well in that department, currently going through a spike.

      I want you to know, IT WILL GET BETTER FOR YOU. Even though right now it doesn't seem like it, you'll start to regain your confidence and ability to grab your life back:)

      Unfortunately, with T, like any other condition, you'll have you highs and lows and some setbacks. But please just remember that it will get better, we all have to go through the notions to come through the other side.

      Also, just my opinion, but yours coming for an infection could also mean that you just have some eustation tube troubles and you may be rid of this with time. Sometimes when your tubes block up it seems worse etc.

      Try not to monitor it, just protect your ears where nessecary.

      Always here if you need to chat, feel free to PM me x
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      January 2015
      Thanks Stacey
      We did do some intensive eustachian tube clearing and that didn't clear it up. I had high hopes, though the doctor didn't. One of my best friends in another state is an audiologist who specializes in T and I will probably make a trip to visit her and get a proper evaluation in May or July. With luck, it might be gone by the . How do you avoid the monitoring?
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      Possibly from scuba diving along with medication
      Hi Cindy:
      You may want to see if there's mucus within the middle ear as well which causes tinnitus. Sometimes a vibrating tool like the one advertised on www.eardoc.info can be used to generate vibration and move the mucus away from the eardrum. It's advertised as a tool to clear Eustachian tubes that are blocked, but I found it's useful to place it at the opening of the ear and allow it to generate a vibration through the ear in order to shake the mucus clear. I would think any similar vibrating tool may work. as the eardoc is $59. I bought it anyway and use it every so often as well.
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      January 2015
      I think my ears and eustachian tubes are pretty clear now. I think the bigger issues are too much focusing and sleep. Masking at night and sleep medications work ok for the latter (but sleep is always an issue).
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      Cindy stay positive. You will learn to relax and sleep even with noise. My t is above 50 decibels so i now hear it at meetings, tv noise, outside, on a train... In a loud pub. Cinema!! So trust me. Best thing is

      A) excerise if you dont. I train hard 5 times a week. If time an issue just try something so physically tired
      b) take ZMA. Zina and magnesium and b 6. Its actually for gym work, but aids repiar, sleep, and note the zinc amd magnesium are needed for ear health amd hearing. But massively aids deep sleep. Take 30 mins before bed. Dont take milk or calcium anytime near it
      C) go decaff
      D) read a book. You will hate it at first but really focus on reading and thus brain will tire

      Stay off sleep meds will make you worse in long run

      But hey if you do all that, sleep is the only thing ican do, as i stress more with tv on or at work now as i cant mask the thing. SILENT vacuum in my hearing loss range with mr t singing away. Its just our brain trying to hear and amplifying our ears... Pity we get the sound.

      But try reading if you dont already.

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