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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sarah Hood, Mar 23, 2016.

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      Hi there, this is the first time writing into a forum.
      As a newby to Tinnitus, I have tried my best to do as much research as possible. I've very much enjoyed reading different bits and pieces as well as help and advice.
      I guess you could say I've been in denial about how bad it's effected me. It wasn't until I broke down at the weekend due to exhaustion from zero sleep that I realised I need to just man up and find different things that work for me.
      I'm still awaiting another appointment at the hospital for an MRI scan as they believe there is some nerve damage all around my ear too.
      I'm feeling very scared and depressed and it's affecting my relationship as well as my job. I feel no motivation for anything currently. Stuck in a rut!
      Thank you for reading and I hope you're all having a nice afternoon.

      From Sarah (Reading, UK)
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      Acoustic Trauma

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