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    1. Have a question regarding masking device. Next week the swedish health care system will provide me with a Zen Widex in ear masker for free. The tricky part for me is wich ear to chose. I have T in booth of them and slight slight H in the left one (avoid using that ear while talking in the phone and so on). Shall i ask for a right ear masker or a left to retrain the bad ear? I guess that you can´t reverse them for use in booth ears
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      I have unilateral T (left ear) but my audiologist fitted me with maskers for both ears; stating that T can essentially 'travel' (due to the crossover nature of our auditory system and how it can learn and compensate). Obviously I'm not a doctor so he could be selling me a line (and an extra aid); but over the past year I have learned to trust him because everything he has told me has proven true (and effective) -- so I don't doubt him. However, you have the added 'H' factor; I don't know how to address that (sorry)

      Just my experience thus far...

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      Thanks anyway Mark, it´s a tricky one. The H factor is very very little i should mention.
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      Just wanted to chime in and say that my ENT said the very same thing and I do trust their judgement. I have T much worse in my left ear and she told me that I had to make sure that during TRT that both ears were active. Apparently your auditory system is all linked and it will start in the good ear if you don't do that.

      Sooo... see if they can give you two. Not sure how the health care works up there but it's pretty well documented that it works best with two.
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      Guess you guys are right here. I sure will have to pay for the extra one if i go for 2 devices.

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