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Discussion in 'Support' started by Rainbowsheep, Nov 20, 2017.

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      Loud music, I suppose
      Damn. I have had a great day T wise today. I haven't really noticed my T all day and when I did notice it I was able to ignore it and pay attention to whatever I was doing and thereby forgetting it again relatively quickly.

      It has been almost like my pre-spike days. Also I think the volume has dropped, because when I turn of my music I'm as close to silence as one can be when one has T. It's still the new white noise-ish with a bit of a high pitched sound but I can't really be bothered when it's so quiet.

      I do not dare to get my hopes up for tomorrow because it tends to fluctuate a lot in loudness but it sure gives me hope for the future. I get more and more quiet days in-between the bad days which are also less bad than at the beginning of my spike. I guess I'm about to habituate to this new and slightly more intrusive sound, yay! But I sure have learned the lesson I should've learned when I first got mild T 3.5 years ago.

      I am never, ever going to go anywhere where I risk being exposed to loud music without earplugs, just like I am never, ever going to listen to music through headset again. I'm a little gutted about the last one but I'd rather miss out on that than I'd risk doing more damage to my ears.

      And to anyone who's suffering from a spike that just won't go away. Hang in there. My tinnitus spiked in the beginning of August and I first started noticing some change in the beginning of this month. There's still hope that it will get better!
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