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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by cochrwi, Nov 18, 2014.

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      Hi! I am glad to have found this site. I have been living with T for probably more than 10 years. It started as the almost pleasant, low volume, cicada like sound that I would hear at night. It reminded me of sleeping with the window open in summer as a kid. Over time it evolved to constant sound of rushing air, or a hiss like sound but was rarely in my consciousness. In the last few months, it has become more intrusive to the point where I began seeking information on the net, and here I am. Am appreciative of perspectives offered, comments on dealing with T, and experiences with possible approaches to mitigation. Thanks to folks who set up and operate this site. Bill
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      We're glad you're here @cochrwi! (though of course we all wish none of us had to be here!) This is a good place for all of us : )
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      @cochrwi ..Welcome to TT Forum!:welcomesignanimation:

      Bill,...I'm glad that you found us. I've lived with Tinnitus for so many years without people understanding how bad and intrusive it can be for those of us that suffer from it. So, like you. I began with just a search on the internet when I discovered this site. Here, I found and connected with others that suffer from the same affliction and fully understand what I have lived with for so very long.

      In addition to all of the information that's available here, I value the emotional support and the fact that I don't feel so very isolated and alone with this condition any more. I hope that you will benefit in the same ways as well.
      I would also like to thank those who created this site, maintain and moderate it as well. For the great job they've done in the past and continue to do.:thankyousign:

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      Welcome, Bill! We're glad you've joined us; there is lots of caring support on this forum, plus a great deal of information about tinnitus, hyperacusis, Meniere's, and pulsatile tinnitus.

      Our site creators and moderators are some of the best people you'll ever meet, and they truly understand and support us, because they also have tinnitus.

      Glad you've joined us, and please feel free to share your thoughts and concerns with a great group of people!!

      Best wishes,
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