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      Hello, my name is Daniel and I have had the Terrible T since around 2002. I am having a difficult time getting the appropriate care from the Veterans Administration. I am new to all the problems T causes to a person with severe T. I always thought maybe I was anti-social or had a lack of patience despite all the efforts I have done to become the kind of person people enjoy being around. I am really suffering. I would love to hear from sincere people who have had similar Terrible T and dealt with it successfully. I have as of late even suffered from some sort of disassociative episodes, 4 to date. I have great mental health according to the psychiatrist and psychologist I had to see through the VA, and am currently trying to put together a treatment regimen using sound, hearing aids and some cognitive behavior retraining, along with lots of patience from my wife and friends. Thanks in advance for any support or advice you may be able to give, and I hope I can be a support also in the fututre.
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      Welcome to TT, daniel. We are here to help and support each other. You have T for so long. So in a way you are like an 'old soldier' in the battle with T. For you to live with bad T for so long and yet you say your have great mental health, that says something - perseverance and stamina. You can teach many others how to cope with T. If I were a greenie here, I would take your story as a positive because you prove that life under T is not unlivable despite setbacks and struggles at time. There are new treatments being developed now which my help those of us with chronic T, Autifony & AM101 to name a few. So hopefully more of them will be coming. Hope you stay around to help others with your experience living with bad T. Take care & God bless.
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      Thanks for the nice reply and look forward to being around folks who are going through the same thing. I really like the positive spin you put on my story, never looked at it that way, was kind of refreshing, appreciate the attitude adjustment. I think all who live with the T monster must be strong and are survivors. Take care and maybe we can talk again soon. Best wishes, Daniel

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