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      I've had tinnitus for far longer than I can remember, and never really knew what it was. For most of my life it was a general high pitched tone at night or in times of silence.

      Lately, in the last few weeks it is continuous, and irritating. Especially at night when it becomes so bad that I can't sleep. I can hear it while driving, while working, while talking, and it only really goes away when I am concentrating on something else. But just relaxing and chilling after work with a beer, it has started to piss me royally off.

      I know there are no cures, but I also know that behavior does reduce the volume from what is now a loud continuous high pitched ring to a distant background noise, to completely gone. So I'm here hoping that maybe somebody has a good idea on how to get rid of it, even at night while lying in bed, which is when it is at its worst.
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      Hi Shreded and welcome to TT..

      For sleeping I would suggest you to mask your T with some sounds like white or pink noises in the background so that you don't concentrate on your T-sound, I use rain and water sounds which relax me and allow me to fall asleep.

      It is very important to have a good sleeping routine, as it lowers the anxiety that T is bringing to you.. Maybe you should also look into things like magnesium and zync which seem to help some before going to sleep… Others use medications, but I would suggest you not to unless you really cannot sleep..

      As you have habituated in the past and didn't find it a nuisance, I am sure if you give it a little time and learn to accept the sound as something there but unimportant eventually it will fade back into the background…

      Look around this forum and its threads as you will be able to find very valuable advises and information from Great people which are or have been struggling like you..

      I wish you well and tell us how you are doing from time to time.. On TT there is always someone to help out when one struggles… :)

      Ciao ! Lorenzo
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      G'day Ed.

      Whereabouts in Japan do you live?

      I bet the bōsai musen alerts are more annoying than your tinnitus. :D

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