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      Hello all of you!
      So first day on this forum and i'm looking forward to meet everyone here :)
      My little journey with T:
      First of all, I am 19 years old and live in Denmark, i have suffered (rather "lived" i don't like the term suffer) from tinnitus for the past 5 years. I have been a drummer in a heavy metal band, and also a singer, and i started without earplugs for the first 6 months and nothing has ever been wrong. I went to a concert, music from my ipod all the way there about 30 mins, and then 1 hour 30 min concert, woke up the day after and the beeping has never gone away.
      So far so good. Of course I was scared in the beginning and i have never had a problem having T admitting i have been a douche to my ears and I most certainly had it coming.
      I learned to live with the sound and had totally adapted to much, but now my T has gotten worse after a sport event i went to, used earplugs at the three games i was there to watch, and took them out in between the games. That was about 1 week ago and I have the feeling that my T has gotten worse after the event.
      I decided to join the forum, cause I have started to feel a little alone with my T and i don't know anyone else, who hears the same sounds as me.

      I'm sorry for my typos, as English isn't my foreign language.
      I',m glad to be here, positive about the future and i hopefully can bring my own techniques to keep it down, that works really good for me to others in here.
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      Welcome, RedThinker!

      First of all, your English is very good, and you explained your tinnitus condition very well. I can relate to your situation, in that I had tinnitus (mild tinnitus) for many years, and it didn't really bother me. Then, after taking an ototoxic drug back in 2010, my tinnitus got a whole lot worse. If you're like me, it is not so easy to adjust to, and causes anxiety, plus sleep problems.

      Many of us started out by taking anti-anxiety medicine, then ended up taking natural supplements. Look around on this forum, and you'll find lots of suggestions for ways to cope.

      We're glad you joined us, and we understand what you're going through!

      Best wishes,
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      (y) Velkommen i klubben, du er ikke alene!
      Theres great support and info from short term and long term t-experts in here, probably one or two drummers too ;) what sounds do you hear?
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      Hey Karen.
      Thanks for the introduction! I am sorry to hear that your T also have been better than it is now, it is never fun to think something is gone and it comes back worse... Ill hope you get by :) !

      As to sounds I hear is pretty high pitched ringing and I can make my ears, klick all the time, the kinda sound you would hear when you reduce the pressure in your ear when flying or diving, just without helping.
      I cant explain how great is finally to talk openly about this and knowing the fact that people, know what i am feeling is just exciting.
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