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      Hello everybody,

      My name is Franky i was born and raised in Holland.

      I am currently 21 years of age and i found this forum when i was surfing trough the web.
      I decided to register right away.

      My story;

      When i was 16 years of age i had finished school and was on my way to join the armed forces of The Netherlands. But at the last moment my mother and father conviced my to not join the army since i didn't
      actually know what i wanted in live. My father has his own company in ceramics and i diceded to work for him in the past time i was trying to find a study. Trought that year of working i earned some money and my lifestyle changed a bit. I was in the beginning of beeing a teenager that goes to bars and disco's. I wasn't always exited to go out and get drunk, I didn't likt geeting drunk so i avoided the scenery a bit.(friends would call me strange because i avoided alcohol) But sometimes my friends could convince my to go along and so i did. (in The Neterlands it is no problem to buy alcohol at the age of 16, Now they have changed the rules to 18 still to young in my opinion but i didn't know any better back then. One saturday night in february changed my life it was carnaval a big event here in The Netherlands and i decided to go out and celebrate the tridition. I went to my local bar called ''Hiernaast'' or translated ''Nextdoor'' it is really a small brown cafe where i would go sometimes to play on the pool table. They made a dancefloor that night and hired a dj. It was visited by many people i know so i had a great time. At the end of the night i took my jacked and went home. along the way i noticed this vague sound and this scared me a bit but i continued the walk home it was really 2 minutes away from my house. when i came home i took a shower and went to bed assuming it would be gone by te morning. When i woke up i realised what happend last night and checked if the sound was there and it was, it scared the hell out of me. (i was less noisy then the night before but still present.)

      Conclusion i did my research beack then and also went to a doctor who told me te live with it since then my life has changed and a few year later i fully accepted it and i could say that i had nothing to complain about versus story's that i read back then on the internet. But since a month or two my T is noticeably worse then before. I also can't get the hang of it because since the first Audiotrauma i always took safety precoutions like wearing hearingprotection when visiting the nightscene. So i am trying to find a explanation.

      Currently i am trying acupuncture, Schusslersalts, avoiding caffeine/alcohol/conserved foods, taking the glinkgo balibo extract from the japanese tree. My T had it's ups and down in the high pitch sound because of stress i managed that part but the ''waternoise'' ass my acupunturist call's it did not change.

      (the Schusslersalts i am trying for the fifth day today so i dont think i can review that part yet and the Glinkgo Balibo for 8 days i always have a hard time knowing what dose to follow since the package only says one of two a day. (i read taking high a dose of vitamin d3 for a couple of months could be beneficial for a lot of complaints)

      I will also try and get some information about natural herbs and herbs from the amazone. i read they have some significant healing properties. i also read something about enzymes maybe i will go deeper in that aswell.

      I hope i have informed you enough and please excuse my if my britsh english/american english is somewhatconfusing.

      Greetings Franky;)
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