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      Hi Dr Nagler,

      I spent a long time researching AM-101 and even signed up to the trial. However, after keeping the diary for a couple of weeks I am more and more struck by how much I'm not currently bothered by my tinnitus. I first got it around 5 months ago and was so distressed I was on anti anxiety meds for several months. But I've become much more relaxed about since. Just to totally test out out my level of 'botheredness' I am sitting here with some foam earplugs in and some ear muffs over the top. With all this sound protection gear on, I can definitely hear my T, and while I admit it is pretty much the same sound as what it was initially though perhaps a bit quieter, I just am not really bothered by it. In a way it almost feels like a friend that hangs out with me and makes a funny sound. I don't have trouble sleeping and the only time I feel my T is a big issue for me is when I'm anxious.

      So I suppose my question is: is this habituation?

      Also, would doing AM-101 be likely to provide 'insurance' if the T were to get worse in the future? I mean, if this were really the only reason I'd bother doing the trial (because my T just isn't bothering me like it used to) do you think that makes sense as a reason?

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      Let's look at it this way. According to your post you have tinnitus, but it rarely bothers you. It used to bother you a lot, but that is no longer the case. So when you get right down to it - regardless of what you call it, you are doing great! Live and be well. Don't worry about labels.

      If it were me, I wouldn't screw around with success. But that's a personal decision.

      stephen nagler

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