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Discussion in 'Support' started by Fairy, Mar 27, 2016.

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      I had flu for two weeks, Flu b type. Well anyway, the tinnitus started with the flu. I have tinnitus for 47 days with ear pressure. I am so puzzled. I got an earache. sore throat, 45 days later, headache, and pressure in the ears, tinnitus loud banging. I have been to 3 doctors.
      It might be Otitis media. But ears look clean. I have tried steam baths, everything, include nose cleaning. Did I miss something? I did take decongestants, not strong ones with the flu.
      I never did have tinnitus in my life. I do not listen to loud noises in the home. tv, etc.
      I did go emergency room, no help there. Take steroids for the nose, B.S. Ear drops, you name, i did it. steam baths. I am in pain 24/7. Loud Pain. What can I do make it better. I am on advil, it helps. 600 mgs. every 4-6 hours. Which is strange to me. I got that from a nurse tip. Also a blow dryer stops the pain in my hair. Strange, I find this by blow drying my hair. It takes the noise out of my ear. Low heat. Any opinions about this strange flu. I cried hours very day.
      I was thinking of apuncture. This is only thing that I can think of right now. I need to take a
      step and do something.

      Symptoms: earache, pressure in the ear, tinnitus. It looks like airplane ear except it has tinnitus. The tinnitus is driving me crazy. Any opinion is welcome. Should I go another country and hire ent.
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      Advil 600 mg every 6 hours is 2400 mg of Ibuprofen a day. That seems to be high enough dose to be ototoxic. Consider not taking so much. Ibuprofen (Advil) can cause hearing loss and tinnitus.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. I am no doctor so I can't really give medical opinion. But from your symptoms, it seems to suggest ETD. You may have Eustachian Tube Disfunction when the tube is blocked or swollen due to inflammation. The symptoms are dizziness, ear pain, ear fullness or pressure, popping or cracking when swallowing, dull hearing, etc. It usually will improve after the tube is back to normal after some time. So don’t worry. Here is a good site to read up on it to see if your symptoms fit the description of ETD:

      But if that is the case, your doctors should determine that this is the case. Are these doctors ENT specialists? YOu may ask them why you have these symptoms if it is not ETD.

      But your T is new and new T is known to be unpredictable and morphing into different symptoms often. So it is best to get the doctors rule out something serious. If nothing serious, it is best to let time do some healing. It is said new T or the ears may take 6 months to settle down. In the mean time, you may want to try your best to stay calm and positive, as the opposite is stress and anxiety which will be bad for T. You may consider masking so you can calm your nerves better and not so panicky. Take good care. God bless you.

      If you need some suggestions on masking, here are some suggestions:
      1) Mask at bed time so you can sleep better. Find whatever sounds/music that are soothing to you. You can use a sound machine or sound pillow for this, or a computer with speakers.

      2) If you need masking on the go, try load an ipad with nature sounds or music using itune, or use smart phone. You can also order some nature sounds via ‘itune’ to play on your PC.

      3) If you have computer and speakers, you can try these excellent masking sounds:

      TT's audio player: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/audioplayer/

      or download free sound generator ‘aire freshener’: http://www.peterhirschberg.com/mysoftware.html

      or make your own rain sound: http://mynoise.net/NoiseMachines/rainNoiseGenerator.php

      or search youtube with words like 'tinnitus masking sounds', 'white noise', 'rain sound' etc.
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      Strange, I have superman hearing. I have good hearing all of a sudden. Thanks for answering. I tried to pick up some tips and whatever I could on here. It has been helpful. Only question, when will this otitis media crap leave me. I did invest in a an ear popper. The ear popper is susposed to heal Otitis Media in 60 days. We will see this if possible. p.s. It has been hell. I did drop some of the advil. The emergency room doctor told me to take that amount for the pain. I have drop some of the advil. I hope that it ends soon. Tinnitus is not your friend. I name my the Happy Family. Because it has 4 rings to it. I hate it. There must be a cure for it. I was reading last night about drug inserts into the ear. (the Army is doing this research). It will coming out on the market. Hopeful, would you take morphine in your ear canal? I guess anyone would do it because of the pain.
      There are many tinnitus scams online.
      If my treatment works, I will print it here. Okay. I did my homework.
      I settle on research paper for my problem. Okay. That is what I used for my treatment of it. Anything goes. Tinnitus is hell. I love you all.

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