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Discussion in 'Support' started by Neenie, Dec 5, 2013.

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      Hi Guys, here is an except of something I read today and I have a question about it: Please read the following:

      Treatment with TRT has two components, and each component addresses a different aspect of habituation.
      The individual with problematic tinnitus first must habituate to any emotional responses to the tinnitus. Second, he or she must habituate to the perception of tinnitus. Habituation to tinnitus perception can only occur if there has been habituation to the associated emotional responses. TRT employs “sound therapy,” which is the long-term use of constant low-level sound, to promote habituation to tinnitus perception [4]. Sound therapy is thought to be effective only when the emotional responses have been neutralized.

      How do I habituate emotionally? I've been trying for 4 months yet I still get panic attacks several times a day, and think about my tinnitus 100% of the day. I just don't know how to stop the anxiety. I've tried CBT, I've tried meditation, I've tried relaxation. I'm just so irritated and anxious about it. The weird thing is that my microwave emits a sound almost identical to my tinnitus all day. Sometimes I put my head up to the microwave to test if I hate the noise and I dont. I don't hate the microwave noise, which is almost identical to my tinnitus noise. Why? I dont know.
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      I've been away from the forum for a few days just having a break, so don't know your story but have you tried medication? I'm about 5 months in and I know I had to take valium a few times early on just to get some sleep and it kinda helped "regulate me" if that makes sense.

      Plus, it's still early days. I get upset I haven't habituated yet but I've come to realize I can't force it and it won't happen overnight. Every time I forget about it for even a few minutes is a step forward.

      Just give yourself time. If you have to mask 24-7 for a while then so be it. Try audiobooks (I carry my iphone with me everywhere) leaving the TV on a little louder, or do something you enjoy outside if that helps mask.

      Sending big hugs. You aren't alone with this xxx
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      I think there is nothing wrong with visiting this forum often, even though many doctors don't recommend it. Some might say that when visiting this forum you focus on your tinnitus sound and that makes it worse. For me, I can hear the sound very well all the time anyway, so I don't feel it makes any difference for me to visit tinnitustalk. I just feel more positive after reading the comments of others.

      I think one important thing in the habituation is not to mask the tinnitus sound entirely. If you can't hear it, you cannot get used to the sound. That's why the tinnitus can feel worse after coming home from a busy day in the noisy city centre. It is also important to try to spend time in fairly quiet places and for example read. I realize myself that I prefer to keep the TV or music on and I avoid to sit down in the quiet and read. But avoiding these situations will only make things worse.

      You said you also tried relaxation and meditation. Did you try them for a longer period of time? I realized that with meditation, it takes a while to learn it. It might be that in the first week or two you won't be able to relax well, but it will improve if you continue doing it.
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