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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by QQuentin, Sep 25, 2019.

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      Hello, my name's Quentin and I study both Computer Science and American Sign Language in college. I didn't know a forum existed for people with tinnitus, I'm very glad to have stumbled across this.

      I've had tinnitus pretty much forever. I can't really say when it started, but when I was 8 months old I needed tubes in my ears to clear a buildup of fluid caused by ear infections, and once they were removed my right eardrum never closed. I also had a few bad ear infections between ages 1-10, all of which led to my tinnitus and a little hearing loss.

      Since I've had tinnitus my whole life (both ears), I've not really experienced much difficulties in life because of tinnitus, because until I was around 8-years-old I thought it was just something everyone had. It's gotten worse since then, but I've been used to it forever. At best, it's an annoying distraction, and I can focus on something else and not notice it. At worst, it's unavoidable and makes me want to lay down and cry (in the worst possible situations too lol!).

      I'm not very well educated on tinnitus, so this will be my first time really delving into what it is, specifics on how I got it, and how to (maybe) treat it. I hope I'll be able to fit in! Thanks for reading.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. At the worst time, you may want to mask your tinnitus if it bothers you. Also you are welcome to browse the site, especially the treatment and research news sections. Good luck. God bless.
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