Has There Ever Been a Study on Tones vs. Hissing vs. Electrical Sounds, etc.

Discussion in 'Support' started by beemovie, Nov 27, 2014.

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      Has there ever been a study on tones -v- hissing -v- electrical sounds etc? Do you end up with a particular T sound or sounds depending on the cause of your T?
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      At least one can say that overactive neurons start firing on the frequencies where there is hearing loss.
      I know of people who have T at for example 4 kHz. And there exactly they have hearing loss.
      Most people have high-pitched T. And the high frequencies are in the outer area of the cochlea.
      Those areas are the ones which are damaged first (also due to age). Many have the ski slope audiogram with no hearing loss in speech area, but at 6 kHz it goes down.
      If I play my T sound (15 kHz) to people, they oftentimes cannot hear it. And they wonder why this makes me problems. The thing is they have also hearing loss at those frequencies, but luckily no T.

      So for tonal T, I think the brain decides which tone to play.
      Some people end up with low hissing, others with high-pitched electrical sound.

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