Has Your Tinnitus Improved or Worsened Over the Years?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mark Sympa, Jan 7, 2015.

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    1. Mark Sympa

      Mark Sympa Member

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      Hello everyone,
      I wanted to make a small statistic about possible developments of tinnitus over time.
      My tinnitus used to be worse than it is now.
      Is yours better or worse now?
      I do not understand why some people's tinnitus worsen and others' improve over the years.

      Sorry for my bad English.
    2. Bambi

      Bambi Member

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      Hello there :)

      My tinnitus has become worse over the last four years.
    3. Michael2013

      Michael2013 Member

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      September 2013
      Over the last year and a 3 months, mine has gotten better. I attribute it 100% to not focusing on it and my anxiety having decreased significantly about it.
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    4. ampumpkin

      ampumpkin Member Benefactor

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      Onset: 12/2007 Increase: 04/2014
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      2007: Meds(Antidepressant) 2014: Meds(Antibiotics)
      When it started in 2007, it got better within 6 months and I habituated.

      I had an increase in May 2014 due to antibiotics. Since that increase, it did get better also :)
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    5. AntonR

      AntonR Member Benefactor

      Redwood City California
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      Luckily its been getting better :)
    6. Carlos1

      Carlos1 Member Benefactor

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      Root Canal
      I'd say my T with time has gotten better or at least my brain has accepted more and more ..... I'm sitting here watching TV and I here my T and it doesn't bother me as much as it use to.....at least not today although I've couple beers and that usual calms my T too
    7. Kathi

      Kathi Member Benefactor

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      HFHL and stress
      My tinnitus is pretty much the same as when I got it except that it cycles now--loud days and quieter days. There is no pattern to it. I used to get so disappointed after a lower day when the tinnitus came back loud, but now I expect it and it doesn't bother me. My reaction is much better and I just carry on with my day.
    8. James7

      James7 Member

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      My tinnitus started out so faint I could only hear it in absolute silence, and then only barely. It's gotten slowly but consistently worse since onset and today it's so loud I hear it over traffic noise.

      Years ago I thought if I never looked at the tinnitus forum and never thought of the word tinnitus then maybe it would go away. It may sound very strange, but I actually wanted to be mentally ill, and I tried and tried to convince myself my T wasn't there and it was all just anxiety.

      After a while I realized it was still getting worse despite the fact I'd been pretending the entire concept of tinnitus didn't exist, and eventually I grew to accept my worsening tinnitus. I no longer fear reading or talking about it. Yes it sucks, yes the negative impact it's had on my life has been tremendous, but it happened. That's just life. Some people are lucky, for other people bad things happen to them and ruin their lives. And actually, thinking of all the millions of people who die of diseases and things everyday, I'm surprised I lived as long as I did before having something bad happen to me too. I guess I should feel fortunate in that aspect.
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    9. Mark Sympa

      Mark Sympa Member

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      Excuse me, James, but you know the cause of your tinnitus? My theory is, acoustic trauma, but have improved compared to six months ago. I do not understand why some get worse and others better. Unfortunately I fear that tinnitus becomes listenable in broad daylight in traffic
    10. Mark Sympa

      Mark Sympa Member

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      James7, I read one of your other posts. You have tinnitus causes neurological disease called "visual snow syndrome". I'm sorry for you, but I think it is important to specify the cause of your tinnitus. Tinnitus from my studies is characterized by symptoms similar but with different underlying causes and course. The mine is due to exposure to loud sounds, and is much improved compared to 7 months ago (except rare spikes). I write this for the reader, think positive always helps.

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