Have Any of You Found Going to a Neurologist Helpful?

Discussion in 'Support' started by sgal, Feb 25, 2014.

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      ? probably hearing loss.
      Hi, my Thread title basically says it all. I was just wondering what a visit to a neurologist might accomplish. I thought a neurologist might be a good idea because they specialize in nerves and the brain. My husband had debilitating vertigo which thank the good Lord, I don't, but it was a neurologist who solved his problem. His vertigo was actually a manifestation of painless migraine headaches so once he was successfully treated for migranes, he was fine. I get occular migraines that are painless. All that might be irrelevant information. I just wanted to know if any of you have found a visit to the neurologist worth while. Thanks.
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      Noise induced
      I guess seeing one does no harm.
      I will go to see a neurologist/neuropsychiatrist this or next week, just to see if my T is from damaging my hearing after a party or it's in my head. A therapist gave me this advice.

      I have to add my hearing test and tympanogram test turned out good as the doctors say.
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      A neurologist can help you rule out certain conditions that might be causing your tinnitus, such as tumors, etc. I have an area of brain death from a prior stroke, and went to both a neurologist and neuropsychiatrist to see if that would impact how I should deal with my T (I knew it didn't cause my tinnitus). They both said: Very possibly. But they had no additional treatments options to offer.

      So yes, I think a visit to a good neurologist who has some experience with tinnitus patients is worthwhile, although not mandatory. Just don't expect miracles.
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      I agree with @LadyDi. One of the main reasons to see a neurologist is to rule out potentially dangerous underlying causes of tinnitus (tumor, etc.).

      Another reason is that neurologists will have a comfort zone regarding particular medications that will generally differ from that of a psychiatrist or a family doctor. For instance, you might find that a neurologist would be willing to give Lyrica or even Tripleptal a try; whereas many psychiatrists would prefer to stay within the realm of antidepressants or benzodiazapines.

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      I used a neurologist when tinnitus became much worse..They are helpful in ruling out possible causes. I now see a neurologist on at least a yearly basis to keep check of some problems we found while treating the tinnitus. I have found that they are as much in the dark about tinnitus as any other doctor.

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