Have Faith in 2015. What We All Keep Our Fingers Crossed For:

Discussion in 'Support' started by David S, Feb 8, 2015.

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      Even tough it is a lot of pain out there I believe it is reasonable to have faith in 2015. It has never before been so much research around the ears, not to mention all the studies that are going on. During the year we will know so much more about completely new approaches.

      1. Genvec, gene therapy straight to the inner ear. Pitch yourself. When we discussed here before it´s said to 5,10, 20 years away. No, it´s not. It is happening right here right now! 2-3 people already had the treatment.


      2. Can tinnitus specific drugs calm down the misfiring? Some members did benefit from the Epilepsy medicine Retigabine with similar mechanism. Hopefully Autifony AUT00063 is more prices and with less side-effects. 2 members are trying it right now.


      3. VNS, Vagus nerve stimulation, Micro Transponder is taking this to a higher level by electric stimulation attached right on the vagus nerve. This whole procedure can seam quite invasive but it´s been done more then 90 0000 times. The same stimulation are used for some epilepsy patients. Electric stimulation one way or the other seams to be very promising because it is know that people with cochlear implants often get a big reduction on their tinnitus. One member on the forum has just got his device implanted.


      4. AM-102, to me it seams that AM-101 not really is what we hopped for. It will be very interesting to see what AM-102 is and what it´s mechanism will be compared to the AM-101.

      Then we have the TRI Tinnitus Research Initiative founded by Matteo De Nora. He and his team trying speed up the outcome of real results in all possible ways. Please keep a special palace in your hart for what they are doing for us.

      Will end with the last sentence form De Noras letter to us all in "Reflections on a 1000-day adventure in a research project"

      On a personal note, I have met some extraordinary people and scientists: although my tinnitus is still there, I believe that we have cured people who otherwise would still be suffering. I believe I will be cured in the next 3–5 years and that I will have that cure available before it enters the global market. Is that enough? It is one of the best things I ever did!

      Take your time to read the full letter here:
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      Fingers crossed for any of the above!

      We need at least something to reduce the volume, for me that would be as good as a cure!
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      Agreed, i don´t mind T that much but the T i have for the moment is hard to adopt to. Believe we have seen so many examples of people with having mild T with out paying attention to it. Then they got a sudden increase and that´s a complete different story. Would be perfectly happy with just some improvement....
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      Stress? + badluck? Clubbing? IDK!
      Awesome posts, needs a bump to make people hopeful!

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