Have I got an ear infection?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Koz, Dec 24, 2013.

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    1. Koz

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      Okay this is seriously starting to bother me now and its at the worst time of year possible.

      Start of this month I started feeling a full/blocked feeling in my left ear (the one with the worse tinnitus compared to the right with very mild tinnitus). Then as of 8 days ago I started hearing a clicking noise when I swallow in my left ear. Now I hear that in my right ear too.

      I have no itch, but sometimes the pain comes and goes (and its not very often, only happened twice), the guy at the walk in centre said my left ear canal is red. I have not had any bad vertigo attacks, just a vertigo snap every now and then. My vision is now not worse but it is different, thats the only way I can explain it.

      What sucks is I have to wait until I get registered with this new GP which can take until the new year, wait until I see a doctor then wait until I get a referral to finally go see an ENT.

      Has anyone got a similar feeling?
    2. Tenna

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      I got a viral infection for 9 days now, at first with snot and all the usual, now just full slightly sore ears and some throat ache. As of yesterday when I drove my car everytime I the car would hit a slight road bump and levitate slightly my ear would make a cracking sound -.- waking up with the feeling some of those days, as if someone had given my ears a wet willy lol. I don't obsess too much about it though :)
      Perhaps you could visit some kind of emergency service? Just harrass them enough and they'll listen :) A shame one has to feel like a bother but it's the way to go!
    3. Koz

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      Managed to get an appointment with a doctor on January 3rd, thank God. Anyway I have no issues with my jaw so I dont think its TMJ. Its really starting to worry me now as I don't want my right ear to get worse or for something even worse to happen.

      Its been a crap month, my tinnitus and hearing loss has been the same since the summer up until the start of this month. The thing I miss about home is going to an ENT without the need for a referral.
    4. Lynnette

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      Aug 2013
      Koi I get the blocked ear feeling in both ears due to anxiety...it's a strange symptom that I can't understand. My ears often hurt as well but I've been to several ENTs and they say they look fine. Had an mri of my ears that was clear. I'm dizzy quite often and do have that clicking noise as when I swallow...I feel like a medical mystery. T in both ears. Everyday is a struggle right now....T gives me anxiety and that makes it worse. I could use a Christmas miracle right now!
    5. Koz

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      Seems pretty much my situation. I am looking forward to seeing a Doctor on the 3rd so I can get a referral.

      More importantly I am looking forward to seeing my audiologist on the 10th. I hope I don't have labyrinthitis. I can eliminate TMJ because I have no problems with my jaw (does not hurt or anything).

      For me it was never the T that was the issue, I can ignore that. Its that God damn annoying click / pressure feel. The pressure feel comes and goes, but the clicking seems to be here to stay, it started with just my left now its taking turns with right and left or both at the same time.

      The guys at the check in centre say my ears are not showing any sign of an infection when they looked at them. My tinnitus is noise induced if anyone is wondering.

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