Have to Travel By Aircraft — Will It Be Safe?

Discussion in 'Support' started by object16, Dec 9, 2014.

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      Hi, I am going on a one hour flight, on a Bombardier Q400 which is a modern turboprop. I travelled on one a couple of years ago, but that was before my tinnitus got real bad. I found the following information:
      http://www.austrian.com/Info/Austri.../Other Formats/Q400_and_the_Environment1.ashx

      I plan to use a Bose noise cancelling headset, and sponge type hearing protectors. I am worried the aircraft will spike my tinnitus, but I don't really have any choice, I have to travel, because my workplace has deemed it necessary that I take some upgrading courses.

      The last time I took that aircraft, I walked up and down the aisle to try to determine where the quietest spot was, and it seemed like seat 11B was least noisy. This matches with the graph on the above link, which shows 76db at aisle seat 11B. Hearing protection should knock that down by 20db I would guess.

      Should I be worried? And is there anything else I can do to protect myself. Or am I worried about nothing?
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      Ear plugs +nasal decongestants + a dose of nac.
      if at all u have a spike it may be temporary.
      i had spike but it didn't last long. I choose a seat away from wings. Probably at front would be better.
      good luck.
      stop worrying too much also helps..
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      Try getting a seat in the front (check in early if you have to). I used Earplanes (got em from the drugstore) on my last two flights and some noise canceling headphones (with nothing playing of course). I still got a spike but the most that spike lasted was a few days and everything went back to normal.

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