Having a Blissfully Quiet Day Today

Discussion in 'Support' started by My T Sucks, Jun 26, 2014.

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      Today I've been blessed with almost complete silence. As I have explained on this forum before, I've been experiencing days where my T is at or below(as is the case today) baseline roughly 48% of the time. This percentage seems to be climbing albeit VERY SLOWLY, but it is improving. While I hope this trend will continue, I understand how unpredictable this whole crazy T thing is.
      My observation has been that on the days where my T backs off, it seems that there is a vast improvement in my mood and cognitive function.
      This seems to be like a "chicken or the egg" analogy.....
      Is it the physiological process involved that cause the T to back off or the psychological change that lends itself to an improvement in my T?o_O
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      Good for you! Sounds like your T might actually go away if it keeps like this. Fingers crossed for you!
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      that is great news :)!! I have to say that I'm also going throught very low T days and I'm enjoying it 100%!! My overall mood is great!!

      Keep us posted :)!
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      not sure
      T has proven to spike when stress starts building up. So the less stressful we are, the better chance that T stays lower. Saying that, there are always the extreme cases where T just blasts away regardless, like what it does to me most morning. My way to sanity is stop asking 'Why?' and just move on with my life. That way my emotional health is not ruined by the ups and downs of T. Congrats to your progress and hope it stays improving.
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      My T is always the same loudness.
      Interestingly in the morning it is most annoying and in the evening it is less of a problem.
      But I think this is because of the depression, which is most difficult to handle in the morning.
      Stress has no effect on my T, although I feel much more frustrated during these situations that I cannot act like I would without T.
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