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Discussion in 'Support' started by ruth, Oct 15, 2014.

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      I have had tinnitus since August of 2014, and it has been very depressing and debilitating at times. However I started using B-Complex vitamins, that I take once everyday. I also put Helichyrsum oil on the mastoid area of my ears before bed. I started the B-Complex 5 days ago, and yesterday morning I woke up to the ringing, but it was VERY low. As the morning took off the ringing got quieter to an almost complete silence. I forgot to take my vitamin yesterday, and this morning I woke up to the ringing but much louder than yesterday, so I took my vitamin. Within 25 minutes the ringing has quieted down to a whisper. I am thinking that the B-Complex is helping if not taking care of the problem. I'm going to continue it and see if this takes it away. I would like to see if someone else would be willing to try this or has tried this, and see if it changes or has changed their tinnitus condition. There could be something to this toward a cure. I feel so sorry for others that suffer, and would like to help in anyway I can. Please respond with your results if you try this, I am curious to know your results. Thank you....and God bless ~ Ruth
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      I'm on helichrysum at the moment, ruth. Too early to tell if it will have a positive effect. I've been on B-complex right along, though, and couldn't say it's done anything for the ringing. Formulations do vary, though. What brand/dosage are you taking?
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      I bought b12 for the sake of trying , so we will see.
      Many client that vitamins are waste of money and they don't work.
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      Do these people eat food? Because micro and macro nutrients are the primary reason we're designed to eat.

      Vitamins aren't a waste of money; they are essential to life. However just because something can't cure tinnitus doesn't mean it's a waste; it's just not meant to treat tinnitus. Water can't cure tinnitus but I doubt anyone would say drinking water is a waste of time.

      Perhaps they're a waste if your sole intent is to treat tinnitus.

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